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King Greats 3 Winnie the Pooh Trailer Analysis


A new Trailer was screened at Mexico XO18 event today Country hall 3. In this trailer, for the first time a hundred acre Woods was shown, we were from the evil Bamax Big Hero 6There were all kinds of small things and references.

The trailer started as we already saw Body Rapunzel and Flynn rider, one of the best scenes from Faint Sura and coat climb all the paper ladders and sit in a dock. From this, we got to see 100 acres Woods Puja and all his friends. A new Border Effect is put on character models, at least in wide shots, characters look more 2D in a 3D world. We met each other together and got us a little clutch of a cat. This world has always been used, so Mini will be filled with games The country's heart, We started to see the Rabbit farming story, in which the zaria led to harvest a variety of fruits and flowers in one field.

When it comes to seeing everyone again, what's next is that for Sura's continuous characters and those coming in January next year, now Xehanort Saga. I do like this in the order of the trailer and give it the same You can see when the trailer is talking about you. Of course, the pictures of the trailer will be some analysis based on the subsequent knowledge The country's heart. And if you do not want to know more about this point or a beautiful character, just go back now.

No need for sourness with a flying koin.

0:26 – We see Heiner and pen on Twinight Town, where Anzheim arrives at Sicker of Darkness Old Mansion. Heyy crying "Hai Loser!" Before trying to make volcanoes of volcanoes. The last time I met a guy in the twilight town, it was when Zorah briefly met them Country hall 2We saw in the previous trailers the back of the group, but such fraud shows how they are now involved.

I've always watched for all the idiosyncratic organizers in order to get rid of Demix.

0:30 – DeMex Vexen (or human form of Demyx) is talking about how members of the organization can consider how you can treat friends. There is an interesting description to look out in this field. Vexen no longer green colored eyes like other organizational members, or Demyx has his cool blue eyes, but they both play sports games. This thing was because Master Xehanort did not put his dark essence on their inside or they continued to be in very long dark. Even though there is still a vast capacity of the TRA organisms, 13 unrecognizable get-ups have been upgraded to Brige.

kh 3 trailer analysis sora and chirithy

I'm looking forward to falling on a conventional square anise invisible floor

0:35 – In this field we speak Chera with a wing. One of Dream's guide guides made by Masters of Masters. Siththi appears to have appeared with the media Kingdom Hearts Unchenged X So it's a big deal to see what one is talking about. This charity is normally bound to one person, so it is speculation that it is an exception or the pursuit of the followers. This conversation is interpreted by anyone anywhere and is the infinite horizon of Sora, which seems to be in the mirror.

 kh 3 Trailer Analytical Caribbean Caribbean Kairabies

There have been great efforts to re-imagine the scenes from the movies like Tangled trailer

0:41 – Here, Captain Jacque and Davey Johnson also fight against Dad Mans Chest. A scene from the end completely pulls off Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End. Finally, where was Jack finally at the end of the original film Country hall 3 Try to get together with the second and third film together.

We have another view of the world Big Hero 6 Thereafter, the name of one hundred acres woods.

1:05 – From a head to a scroller, the visuals here show Zorah in the white world. It's safe to think that the sky is the same as the one who talked to the cats. Chittitti is a Dreamer, and he knows that Sura has entered into my dreams for the last time. If you have the power to wake up for a dormant guarantee, ventus, then it can mean another diving to your mind. Co-writer Courtney Ehnehoffler appears to resemble that of the box art Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Sora first met at the Dream Eaters.

1:10 – This is where all goes deep in the story. This scene is a big battle between light dark and enemies of a boatload, more than 1000 Country hall 2. It seems that this war is going on in Keylade Graevid. Soya, Donald, Gofee, Lee, Kairi, Rick, Maki etc. That's done by 5 Keyblade wielders, now we both really have to take over from 7 serious warriors. From the enemies around us we can see a heart beat like shadows, and why it looks like a modified soldier. From the end of the shadow, the third form of Marloxia represents all the nuances of the Dusk and the cloths wearing. Memory Network story. The opposite of the opposite sign is a big crab. The vanishing is possible if there is a non-standard method.

1:15 – Terranort is cooking a new keybed and facing towards Lingering will. They were not those who had not fought the secret masters Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix The end of the army is left when the master's body is taken over by Terra's body Sleep. This weapon is to save him from the darkness of the world and save him from darkness. But when she took the body of the tear, he abandoned his desire to resist the darkness, and now sets the armor of the armor. Kiblaard is waiting in Geymiwy to fight back in the market. This means maintaining the Terra.

 kh 3 Trailer Analysis key boards decrease

I'm surrounded by sleeping lion, so where do you play where you hit kiddies

1:17 – A small scene that the keybeds will see for a while. Because of their orange color in orange color, it's difficult to check them all well, but once again, Callinie has gone to my help and place, since at a point you're going to sleep very clearly from Lion Keyword Country hall 2. We have tried to see what we're trying to get in. When we were so close, we could not find anyone who saw the dead. (Let me know if you find something).

The winter organization is going to fly to South Africa.

1:19 – The last frame is the 13th True Organization standing above a stone building. Mastermann has six members on his side. We can not judge anybody's face or voice, but the different body bodies that we can see among the crowd. We know more than one of the master Seyhanur looking for more members Dream Drop Distance He found them.

What did you think about new things? Country hall 3 Trailer? Am I missing anything? Have you enjoyed this analysis article? To see more? Make sure to leave comments a response!

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