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Lack of men after menstruation reduces risk of breast cancer


(Reuters Health) – It is likely that the risk of weight reduction is lower than older women who maintain body weight.

If breathlessness has long been associated with the risk of breast cancer, previous research has offered a mixed picture of the possibility of weight gain. Researchers' Body Weight Index (BMI) has estimated more than 61,000 women in three years to estimate the current study.

Then researchers follow an average of 11.4 year old women. During this period, 3,061 women developed breast cancer.

Compared to stable women in the first three years of the study, in the first three years, less than 5% of women are less than 12% of breast cancer developments in the next decade.

"Dr. Rowan Chilbovski of the Hope National Center for Diabetes in Downtown, California, said:" We have a woman who can threaten cancer, even if they are overweight or obese, in our current Kauhort Analysis.

"It can be a source of encouragement for women because they can sustain a sustainable weight gain, but it's hard to lose body weight and lose body weight," CholellaBaski said.

All the women in this study lived through their menstrual cycles. When menstruation occurs, the hormone of estrogen pillars is produced. The main source of females after menopause is fat tissue. High levels of infant can increase the risk of cancer. Because estrogen can help to grow tumors.

"Hormonal levels associated with fat cells are more likely to have high blood pressure or obesity women," says Dr Cincinnati College of Medicine University, Daniel Saouver said.

"These hormones, especially estrogen and postmatopolistic breast cancer can be promoted," said Shausser Reuters Health. "Reduced weight reduces the level of hormonal inspiration."

In the first three years of the 41,000 women in the study, we had a steady body weight of 26.7% of the participants, which is considered overweight.

On average, BMI was 26.7 for 12,000 women.

Women who are lightweight started to weigh more weight.

About 3,300 women whose body weight is only 27.9 millimeters are BMI, half of them lose over £ 17. For women who lost weight, the average BMI was 29.9. The BMI of the 30's was considered to be obese. Half of them lost more than £ 20.

The risk of breast cancer in five or more body weight is high, researchers report in the cancer journal. But this stroke is 54 per cent more likely to develop "triple negative" breast cancer. It can adversely affect the cancer.

This study is not for a controlled trial to prove whether there will be periods of diffusion from the risk of developing or dying women from breast cancer.

Researchers estimate the burden of women twice in the beginning of the study and the researchers have applied again after three years. After that we had a change in the lady woman.

Many people lose weight over time, according to Dr. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Said Graham Coldfield.

"Therefore, the first realistic goal is to stop realization and thereby have health benefits, even when overweight," says the Colds e-mail.

"After that, weight and weight loss are a good target," Coldj added. "It's easier to deal with up to five to 10 pounds over time."

Source: Cancer, October 8, 2018 online.

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