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Leo Wardak became the first Irish PM to publicly investigate HIV – Xinhua

Grab this image taken from a video clip published by Irish Prime Minister Leo Wardakar (R), on his Twitter account that he gets fast HIV testing in a clinic in Dublin, Ireland, on 1st, 2018. Leo Varadkar, the country's first Prime Minister will openly investigate HIV, local media said. World AIDS Day is observed on December 1, this year's theme is "Know Your Status". (Xinhua)

Dublin, December 2 (Sanhua) – Irish Prime Minister Leo Wardak has become the country's first PM to conduct HIV testing publicly on Saturday after announcing a video clip on his Twitter account, indicating that it is faster in local HIV Test received. Clinic, local media report.

The video clip that does not last longer than two minutes, the priest said, "I am doing a GP (General Practitioner) surgery in Dublin for World AIDS Day and I have a quick HIV test as part of a campaign to increase awareness. I am taking people to encourage them to know their position. "

The world's AIDS Day on Saturday, which falls on December 1 every year. World AIDS Day theme for this year is "Know your status".

In the video, Varadarre showed the viewers how Rapid HIV testing is quick and easy, which can result in 60 seconds after getting some blood drops from the fingers of the finger.

After showing a negative result after his test, the lender smiled and said, "So only the test happened, it took a while, and it was very painless."

He asked people to receive HIV testing, which is available in the network of free clinics across the country.

He said that about 500 people every year in Ireland diagnose HIV and in many cases HIV is passed, who do not know their condition.

So it's really important that more and more people are examining HIV, he said.

"As part of the government's sexual health strategy, we are going to expand the test, make it more available nationwide, adopt education and awareness, try to reduce stigma around HIV, especially getting the test."

In the video, he announced that the Irish government plans to introduce Ireland's first prep program next year.

Prep (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a medical method for people with HIV risks. It can prevent HIV from spreading and spreading throughout the body. It is very effective to prevent HIV if used as a proposed, but it is less effective when it is not taken continuously.

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