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Liverpool judge Jertan Shakhri,


Sorry at this time was not apology.

Liverpool's search for free online mastery over the past season continues, but there is a lot to send home content of the copy.

Reds made an international batting performance after 13 consecutive ranks in Fulham.

It was too far from a crashing crash, but the German Clopps side continued their job and pulled them back to their belgrade nightmare.

He was very expressive of Liverpool's "feeling sorry for the City". But the challenge posed in this context was a good stack.

Cameron took advantage of his initial objective and saved his rebellion by Mohammad Salah. Xherdan Shaqiri went to the start of the second half.

After an anti-clap mission to develop the hatred of Serbia's capital, Anfield added on a mission.

This was the fifth start of Shakir. However, he suddenly turned out of the best player.

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He has scored two goals and three assists in his last six games for Liverpool. Whatever the Reds face, his claim for such a big deal will not be ignored.

Shakhhi is a rare breed. It is as strong as an ox, but with a beer smile. The important thing is that he gives the Reds there when they're not there, they have directories that do not like their own.

Shala and Shakhri had a much better display from Roberto Fermino. Brazilian Fayebean Brazilian Finaino also spotted the park at the center. Andy Robertson was demolished by the leftist.

Alexander Mitrovik's header still retained the goal but Liverpool won a successful victory.

Liverpool has never played much better than the 30 points with a goal difference of one in the Premier League this season, 36 points this season.

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Liverpool is 2-0 full-fledged

Since the mood is mixed, the match is never strong enough. In reality, Reds is a place of real power in a huge room to improve.

A noon kick against a team that fights against the drop is not going to create a classic, the atmosphere was predetermined.

Midfield was an area of ​​weakness in Belgrade. CloPe adopted a change in design and personnel.

It was 4-2-3-1. Finisho recalled with Giuliano Vijinadin. Shakhi Salal was behind it.

Liverpool dominated, but they were struggling to calculate for 45 minutes.

Trent Alexander-Arnold's crucifixion broke down when he fell down. Shakhi left the field with only 20 yards.

Mohammed Salah of Liverpool scored the first goal against Fulham

Fulham could not handle the £ 13 million pounds from Stock City to Rowling's best of the rounds.

After the fiminooise, Mojuk was a slim. A happy exchange with Shalil is not in the open ground. Sergio Rico was unable to beat the Egyptian Dennis Odoy while going back.

Frenno played football and he kept Liverpool in front wind

Shakheri was forced to move from Smart to another to save him from Rika.

Yet, the hosts were not fully convinced. Falsehood began to speed up and Fulham grew up in faith.

Lispull did not fight Mittrochick. Ryan Sessegan Joe moved to Gozza. The former Reds Transfer Target Cop is the time to choose its location in front of the Wide Water.

Warning signs come from. In the Shrine of Anthony, Alison Becker made a hash and van Dick again won the match.

Look how Liverpool have beaten 2-0 in the Fulham game

When Fullheim came out of their shell, the space began to open, and the influence of the plant increased. A jet jumped from a bowl, Maxim Le Merchand was on the table, but the appellants had fallen.

He bowled a fiery spin at Manim's pole before being bowled out of fimino.

Four minutes before Liverpool's crash. Talk about the feelings of a roller coaster.

Tom Kearney's free kick on Miterovik vanished when he arrived. Reds' blossoms were saved with the offside flag, which was shown as a harsh call.

Collins John, the last full-man batsman at Anfield, played again in 2006.

Cottagers are still relieved of their tragedy, Alaston takes up the free kick faster and Alexander-Arnold to break up the right to make it salad.

When the visitors were gone missing, Salah made it clear that he was really scared. It was only 14 seconds between Mitrovik and Sohah.

Jürgen Klup will give his team instructions against Liverpool's Fulham team

The PFA Player of the Year has been selected against 19 of its 21 Premier League players to face Liverpool.

The second half was a very different story. Liverpool raised the bar and gave the football more control.

Within eight minutes left to restore the Rain again.

Robertson, the whole area, left the beauty of the left side, a house that was not spotted by Shakhri.

Captain Cop in Scotland repeatedly paid homage. Rico's feathers collapsed at the end of an attack by Fayboo and Fimino.

Robertson has not received so many headlines this season. However, his business has gone slowly, and it's a model of stability.

His achievements during An Dream Protect campaign at Anfield are never easy, but he handles it.

Captain Jorden Henderson's bench crashed back after being injured. Nabe Keeta made a comeback in the evening.

Liverpool is behind this afternoon.

Match facts

Liverpool: Alanson, Arnold, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robertson, Shakhri (Milner 81), Fashyho, Wajandad (Henderson 69), Salah, Fermino (Kita 90), Mann

Not used: Magnolot, Lorraine, Sturridge, Moreno.

Fulham: Rigo, Christie, Odoy, Mousson, Le Merchand, Shurl (Witto 78), Anchshissa (Johannesen 84), Chambers, Sesegon, Carey (Michael Serie 63), Mitroviks.

Not used: Betenelli, Kebano, Ram, and Fosu Mensa.

Referee: Paul Thurney

Attendance: 53,128

Goals: Sula 41, Sukhari 53

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