Saturday , April 1 2023

Macau GP terrible crack tech driver for hours after a crash


Hong Kong: A 17-year-old woman has undergone surgery for seven hours after surgery. The surgery was done after the explosion at Formula 3 Maka Grin Przyk.

German razor Sophia Flores Marshall and the photographer were on the Sunday track after Sunday.

He was undergoing surgery. The press club of Makkah's health authority told reporters after the afternoon.

Van Amersfourt's racing driver car traveled in the atmosphere and grabbed the audience with the right hand while flying the Gia Circuit Lisboa Bend in the safety net.

At the age of 16, he lost control in a relationship and left control and tumped into a tubes racing car.

The medical report says that the fluorption was undergoing emergency surgery in an emergency room in the hospital.

Floorsch later became firm on the evening on Twitter.

"I wanted to let everyone know that I was well off, but tomorrow morning, She said.

"Thanks for all the supporting messages."

Japanese driver Shoaibi, two photographers and one marshal were in the hospital.

According to a report from Macau Granprix, who sent a AFP to the AFP, Marshall began to have a broken beard and suffered another injury to the liver.

"I hope everyone is right after this accident, and I want to be the best recruit," said European champion Mike Schoemaker.

Red Bull Junior team was succeeded by Dan Tactu, McQua Street, at the age of 19. Schumacher Senior and Ayrthan Senna were awarded the Firm Greater.

At the Macau Grand Prix circuit there were at least three people dead.

The British rider Daniel Haggetty, who died in a motorcycle bend in the motorcycle race at Macau Grand Prix, died last year.

In 2012, Portugal's Lus Carrera and Hong Kong's Philip were killed two days later at the Maca Grin Prix.

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