Sunday , August 1 2021

Mangangwa has removed more MDC Parli; Sterns & # 39; Childish & # 39; Chemisa

By Eloise Wing

President Emmerson Managua has warned the opposition MDC MLAs that if they disobey their authority, they would be thrown out of Parliament again.

On Thursday after reaching Managua, he went ahead of the 2019 budget presentation on Thursday, members of the House of Opposition party expelled the chairman of the parliament on Thursday.

Legislators refused to take garbage, resulting in infamous scenes in the police and other security services and were forced into the house and forced them.

After the clashes two MPs were admitted to the hospital.

However, addressing the ruling Z. P.F. rally at the Murombadezi Growth Point on Saturday, Mangangva did not apologize.

The leader of Zanu PF said, "When I came to Parliament, the opposition MLAs were sitting against the clear rules that when the head of the state grows up everybody."

"They (the Opposition MPs) do this (refusing to resign) or have no head of the nation, but the Speaker of the Parliament expelled them and they are left."

The opposition has refused to accept Managua's victory in the controversial controversy on June 30th, Jhambava accuses the Election Commission (ZED) of committing mischief in favor of Zanoo PF.

After being evacuated on Thursday, MDC Chairman Thabita Khumla had criticized that she will not stand for Mangangwa, as long as she is concerned, the leader of the ZPP did not win the election.

"We did not stand as MDC MPs; then we were accused of standing for Mangangwa," she said.

As far as we are concerned about the MDC party, Mangangva has not been elected. Then we were asked to go out, but we refused.

"Then they called the police who started killing us, dressed in our clothes and we really became naked as women."

She added; "We refuse to leave because we have elected members of parliament. Managua is not a member of parliament.

"We have the right to stay in parliament and express our belief that Mangangva does not win this election."

However, Mangangva said on Saturday that if opposition continues, the Opposition legislators will be fired again.

"I will always go to Parliament and if they continue in that behavior they will always be sent out," he said.

"His late leader, Morgan Tsangangi, was very adult; Despite our differences, he will always attend Parliament, & # 39; children & # 39; we are watching now."

Tsangangi died early this month after a long fight against cancer. He was successful by Nelson Chamasya, who was 40 this year.

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