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Master Chief Collection can be a big mess on the PC


There was a total mess on the launch of the original Master Chief Collection. 343 industries can be crushed by crushing more than one to four hollow games, which leads to terrible matchmaking and extremely long downloads. Now it can be done on the same PC … only in a different way.


About 343i Negotiations PC Master's Chief Collection on, I get less excited about the project. On the high-end, responsive platform, the old thriller game of the old Halo games, wears thin, as the reality of the history of Microsoft, 343i, and other factors hit home. I have some serious doubts that it can be dragged without delay and without much complications.

The storage space seems more ambitious over time and I remember what happened with the original Xbox One version. That is what the Gods have skillfully boted the first hello collection Make huge promises with the PC versionWhich includes full optimizations in games that were not initially designed for PCs, extended GPU hardware support, unchecked frame rate etc. The suggestion is that the original five Halo games will appear, play and collectively Stay there Better on PC

To port the games on PC, 343i is getting help from two small external studios, splash damage and Rafian. But the project – which includes five separate slices of Legacy Hollow Games, is released for $ 10 a piece on PC – growing and growing. 343i has an ambitious plan to integrate all the games New connection-based progress management With unlockables, seasonal events and other community features built into the main framework.


For all games there will be a complex global ranking system in the system. 343i Recent Halo discusses new rankings in Waypoint Update, Which adds a large snelling snake nest to a MCC on PC.

"There will be a playlist rank per global rank and matchmaking, which can reach the players' level because players can complete the match and earn a medal, they can earn XP and eventually reach a new level for the global level and at the end each level has a unique name And the icon. The counter-playlist rank will be the same as in the MCC, but at the beginning of each new season or if a playlist is added It will be reset. "

This update also says that all of the forge maps and gametts will be backed up on a huge server in all applicable hollow games, which will then be accessible in certain games. In a nutshell, the forge material will be backed up and saved. Or at least that's the plan.

"In the future, we will make a one-time copy of the maps and game types uploaded to your file share so that we can start preparing them for future implementation in MCC. This copy will be made for every Xbox live. The account with the modes on the map and its file share – Content saved locally will not be transferred.

"Due to the complex nature of this process, we can only transmit on-time at the same time for each file type, so we have separated it into two separate days – one day for maps and one day for game types. With filling their file share, and with game types on another bridge, players can maximize their slots and bring them into each file type because they Forbid file shares can fit in. This will still not have the exact date, but each game (Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4) start loading on your file shares.

It's a pretty high order.

There are so many moving parts right now that 343i and their teams need to be very careful about what they are hoping for. These extras like full specialty forge transfer and increased file sharing do not include all development functions such as taxers, lighting effects, and control optimization required for games.

Delaying these things on a docket can be delayed. P.C. in 2019 I'm shocked if Halo Rich is released. Steam and Windows Store have got us around five months before being ready for $ 9.99.

Beta testing is now just starting on PC, and that's it Very slow, very specially done. Less than 1000 people came to the first halal Reich PC test and included only one campaign mission. Multiplayer testing has not started yet. 343i says that more "flights" are coming soon and they are doing everything they can to get more people, but these closed-doors, limited tests will probably not be close to millions of simulations playing millions of steam users in all the constitutionalities. At the same time

Steam currently has 90 million active users who play games every single month. Can 343 industries handle such types of loads? Remember that every game will be sold separately, so there will be millions of people playing Different Hollow games at the same time. Microsoft definitely has server power and let's hope that 343i wants to know how it should be done.

This collection is not being done at the same time.


343i has mistakenly learned. Instead, Halo Reich is being poted on the first PC, and other games will follow their lower-based chronological order: Hello, Hello2, Hello3, Hello3: ODST, and then Hello 4. Challenges will bring every game its own unique To solve obstacles, and complex problems. Progress system, forge content transfer, connectivity infrastructure, these issues covered on top for PC can be made more intense.

Still the hollow timeline is getting too crowded. With help from Master Chief Collection on PC, 343i is working on Halo: Infinity, the next big Hello game, which will be released simultaneously on PC and Xbox One console. 343i promises a few big things along with endless PC ports, it sure Ton optimizations will be made and that PC is "first-class citizen".

Halo: Infinity, aka Halo 6, is Together with the launch of Projects Scarlett by Holiday 2020, Which is a little less than a year ago.

Yet we have not seen hollow's proper gameplay: infinite yet. The E3 2019 footage was just one Very short cut is given by the engine. Hell, we've just got the current Hollow Recharge PC footage, and it's in the pre-alpha state. This is somewhat frightening and does not inspire more confidence. Maybe I'll be paranoid, but these two projects can be significantly delayed – after all, Infinity is being built on brand new games development engine called SleepSpace.

The 343 industries and its studio team are left to see whether the major timeline of the key projects can be dragged. They can finally do that, I'm sure, but they do not need to run very carefully so that they can survive old mistakes with Hollow 5: Guardian (which was a terrible story) and Xbox Halo MCC (Ton and Ton of Systemic Issue).

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