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NASA announced the reasons behind Roskosmos Head's canceled visit: Sputnik

NASA's governor Jim Bridstein said he had invited Dmitry Rosine, head of Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos to visit the United States because he wants to include the interests of Senators.

"We heard from a number of senators that this is not a good idea and I want to conform to the interests of the senators, and so I have canceled the invitation," Bridestine said in a phone interview with The Washington Post.

NASA's Press Secretary told Sputnik on January 4 that the plan for the planning of Rogozin, which was held in early February, was postponed and a new date would be decided later. On the same day, a source told the Sputnik, a source in the industry that the visit can be canceled.

US Senator GN Shahi urged NASA on January 2 to withdraw the invitation to Rosozon, as the US crisis over the Ukraine crisis. The government has approved it.

Bridestine had previously said that NASA is working to get rid of Rowgowin exemption, which is subject to US control from 2014.

There is no instruction from NASA to stop the visit of Rogozin

The official spokesperson of the corporation told Sputnik, "There is no official confirmation from NASA about Rosscosmos canceling Roskosmos visit to US Roskosmos Chief.

The spokesman said, "We can not make any official statement yet, because NASA has not yet instructed Roskosmos, or the invitation has actually been recalled."

On January 4, NASA's Press Secretary told Sputnik that the joint visit of Roskosmos chief Dmitry Rossi began in the United States, which was scheduled for early February, will be suspended and the new date has not yet been finalized. A source in the space industry told Sputnik that this visit can be canceled.

In late October, the US A spokesman for the Space Authority said that after the visit of Bridenstein's Biconur Cosmodrome in October, Rowgowin was invited to visit the United States.

Roskosmos has been in the US concerning US sanctions since 2014 to support the integration of Crimea with Russia, requiring approval to visit the United States.

Source: Sputnik News

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