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NASA may retire a new mega rocket for Space X and Blue Origin launchers

NASA plans to build a large rocket vessel to return the moon to space travelers.

But the agency's leaders are already contemplating retirement by the Space Lynch System (SLS). The top flight of the Outero Space Caps will climb up.

NASA is facing two reusable, more affordable and mega rockets that are created by private aerospace companies.

The Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) is made by Elon Mazx Space X. Jeff Bezos & # 39; s Blue Origin & # 39; New Glen is the built-in launcher.

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"From our point of view, if we have those commercial abilities online, we are finally retiring from the government system and are going to have a purchasing power [rockets]"NASA's Associate Administrator Stephen Jurkisk told business insider at The Economist Space Summit on November 1.

However, NASA is now in a very strange position because two PRs of launching may be able to cross the SLS away from the moon, the first one being Mars.


NASA's Space Latch System (SLS) examines a 1.3% model pattern sheet.
NASA / Ames / Dominic Heart

The space lounge system is called a superhero-lift rocket. The aim is to carry 55 tons (in terms of the mass of a tank tank) to an orbit on earth.

"We need one [super-]Heavy lift launch capacity, "said Jurassic:" In addition, we are not going to implement safe, secure and affordable architecture for human exploration. "

Many activities of the SLC in the 2020s are planned. The first is known as block 1. The rocket could reach 322 feet and 70 tons of spacecraft.

NASA is expected to conduct the first block rocket test by 2020. The objective is to prove that the SLS is safe and reliable by sending an uncontrolled oriented spacecraft to the orbit and the moon.

A search exploration mission -2 (EM-2) may follow after several years.

Space Launch System Rocket and Oriental Space Exploration Mission -2 (NASA)

But the cost of NASA's expenditure is 11.9 billion dollars. It is named as SLS. It is estimated to be 4-5 billion dollars by 2021. The launch date for EM-1 in June 2020 is 2.5 years. Table.

NASA's internal audit found that price rises, contract management issues, other performance issues related to boing, major contractor, cost reduction and responsibility for delay.

Some experts who are experts in this type of calculations are calculating. Sel. The FIG. Space X or Blue Origin can only begin part of this price since the upcoming vehicles can be reused.

The more lucrative variants used in the SLS program, the lift agency will be the SpaceX Agency. The company's founder, Musk BFR, is trying to explore solar power from time to time.

How NASA was returned to NASA on the moon

A picture of SpaceX's Big Falcon rocket or BFR begins on space. Being deployed from the bust.

Space XX employees under a space park in Los Angeles are somewhat faint. Big building is called "spacious spaceman".

The space mask and Gwen Sholdwell, president of Space Exx, said that by the end of the 2019, "caps could be deployed for small lounges.

The plan is to shift a mini-BFR ship onto Mc Black Buster Falcon 9 rocket. This makes it more challenging in a fully-used amplifier design. A barrier: Try a hot shell that has been blazing-hot to the atmosphere of the earth (the formation of a protective environment, allowing it to be re-launched and re-launched).

Plasma dimensions of SpaceX's BigFlank rocket.
Olivia Reyne / Business Insider

A complete integrated version of the BFR in 2020 and 2021 – The Big Falcon spacecraft with Big Falcon will target the spacecraft to move around the world. (At about the same time, Blue Oregon intends to use new glennings, most of which will descend into Earth's earth and reuse, to fall to the surface of the moon to the surface of water on the lunar surface.

If the first orbital concept of space X and the subsequent missions are not flying without a blast or other event, the company plans to include billionaires and an unlimited art in Japan in 2023.

One can see how space agencies respond to a creative agency that creates the Apollo 8 mission in 1968. In fact, in the year 2023, EM-2 intended to start the Moon's orbit.

A satellite of SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket or BFR launch is the moon's ability to fly.

In 2022, the first spectrum missions to Mars began with BFR in 2022 and the first missions for the first planet to launch the planet in 2024 are not known what will NASA do. As long as a decade ends, the NASA comet will try to land on Mars.

"Space X does not take into account how we work together in BFR," said Jurassic about NASA's leadership. "My guess is that it comes."

A US space agency with no American space

Nine astronomers will fly the new ships of NASA Space X and Boeing. Cruise Dragon and CST-100 Starliner.

Now under the name of the space agency, he and others are laser based on the experimental launch of their merchandise program, a competition for private companies to manufacture and launch American made spaceships.

When the space shuttle disappeared in 2011, the ultimate goal of commercial crane is to revitalize the ability of American lobbyists to lose the lost agency. (Since then, NASA now relies only in Russia, at the 150 billion dollar international space station.)

Boeing and Space XX have created space capsules with seven systems designed by each designer. Spacecraft is currently trying to fly with the ship sailing ship.

The first is the Uninterrupt First Test, conducted in January and a few months later, in the spring, the first test test conducted by the first test test, "said Jurassic.

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When the cruise dragon and Boeing demonstrate that the CST-100 Star Cliffs are safe and reliable, the agency's leadership with BFR and Blue Origins's New Glenn will discuss its deeper future.

"We are now engaged in developing those systems and abilities," said Jurassik.

The NASA key is required to achieve the maximum and most powerful lift capacity possible.

Now we have seen a way to selves. This is the legacy technology and techniques used by our head startups, "he said, adding that the SLS space shuttle engine and hardware understood.

"Where are we," Jurassic added. "We know this requirement of BFR and we are exploring new solar systems to evolve from the new glane load-lift capacity. We do not think the other approach is safe and affordable."

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