Thursday , May 6 2021

NASA News: Revision of the next Mars mission Science | News

NASA Insight on Mars last week saw the climax of travel for seven months, 300 miles-miles. NASA Mars Insight Lander came to rest on Red Planet on Monday, while the spacecraft rushed into the Martian atmosphere at a speed of 12,300 meters. Insect Mars is to map the deep inner map of Mars, and NASA plans for a 2020 rover mission, which is believed to exist on the surface.

European Space Agency has partnered Roskosmos Agency of Russia for this mission for July 2020.

The Russian Proton-M launch vehicle will deliver the Russian-built surface platform as well as the Exmers Rover on the surface of Mars.

Once safely landed, the platform will deploy the rover and start a one-year mission to examine the Martin environment for biological or geological activity.

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China's 2020 investigation:

In 2020, China will send its first independent mission to Mars.

The investigation will return data from Red Planet's soil, environment and other facilities, including ice or water.

The 2020 investigation is one of four deep space exploration missions designed by the National Space Administration of China.

Asteroid probe is expected in 2022 and the mission for the guru system is scheduled for 2029.

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SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket:

Alon Musk's Space Exploration Company is developing a complete reusable space-projection system set for its first cargo mission on Mars in 2022.

The purpose of the crude mission was to follow in 2024, from which the mask is expected to develop a self-sustaining culture.

Spacex boss Alon Mask said about this mission: "You are thinking of getting awakened in the morning and going to be great in the future – and that's the culture around the place.

"He believes in the future and thinks that the future will be better than the past.

"And I can not think of anything more attractive than going out and being in the stars."

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