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NASA Resume Mission will publish science at the International Space Station National

Washington, November 23, 2018 / PR Newswire / – NASA plans to telecast a media one. EST Wednesday, November 28, discusses the science investigations launched on the next SpaceX Commercial Resupply flight at the International Space Station.

December 4 aims to launch its Dragon spacecraft on the Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCFA) in SpaceX, Florida.

There will be participants in the briefing:

Hosia Smith, the DC director for satellite servicing division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, will discuss.

For the first time, the collection and migration of liquid methane in space is to be shown. Timothy Etherge, Chief Investigator

Investigations, and Professor of Sport and Health Sciences Department, Exeter University in the United Kingdom, will discuss research to investigate the atomic causes of muscle abnormalities during the spaceflight to establish effective adversity. Ralph Dubey, Chief Investigator of the Global Ecosystem Dynamics (

), In the Combined Global Carbon Cycle Center of Maryland College Park, to discuss the importance of important carbon and water cycling processes, to explore the bio-diversity and habitat environment, investigate the investigation of high quality lasers of Earth's forests and domestic geography. Weak W. Kassler, director of research, development and engineering at the Ecoleb Company, Nalco Champion

To check the rate of corrosion on carbon steel material through films made of micro-organisms on earth and in space. Dr. Jahan Azadmansh, a doctor at Nebraska Medical Center University in Nebraska, Nebraska, will discuss.

The diagnosis is that antioxidant proteins help in understanding how human body helps in oxidizing radiation and oxidants produced by the radiation of metabolism.

To participate in teleconference, the media cathrine hamblatton 202-358-1100 or 5th on [email protected] Must be contacted by Tuesday, November 27, for dial-in information.

Teleconferencing will be streamed live online at:

SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft will be given crew supplies, scientific research and hardware to the rotation laboratory to support campaign 57 and 58 for the mission of 16th contract by SpaceX under NASA's Commercial Resupplyity Services contract.

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