Wednesday , July 28 2021

New 2019 Range Rover Evock is a stunning Mini Weller

W.It was sold in 2011, Ewoc was called Baby Range Rover and kick-started the compact SUV revolution. Later in the sale of more than three million and worldwide hunger for a vehicle which has just slowed down from a permanent practical, attractive urban and luxury appointment. However, the official presentation of all the new-second generation EVOs of last night is anything but the Land Rover should put pressure on every item based on the demand received by hot-caps suppliers.

That Baby Range Rover tag, however, will not be able to survive because the 2019 Ewoc award is more closely related to the winner of the winner. From the attractive and sexy resized door to the dual touchscreen, the interior and the specialty seats are managed, the brand's chief design officer, always plays for the strength of Dapper Gary McGowan. "I see Evolution as a smart evolution rather than a revolution," he said. "The new model will continue its tremendous journey.The vehicles of this character combine decorative and fun to create all the important emotional reactions that will turn heads and make people smile."

At first glance, however, Evock's styling updates are stupid, suggesting Wayne Grayer more than Gary's beaming smile. But the design on a closer look is both smart and progressive. Coup-style silhouette remains because it has a Rakhi's Rook Line and a hinge upper waist, but now it feels okay with its pronounced shoulders and padded wheel arches. The large 21-inch wheels add to the muscles tendency, but the overall look is simple, sculptor and desirable.

Land Rover's external design director Masimo Frascela said, "Our approach has made the best of the standard to enhance the personality of the new Evoque." "The new EVOK is a true Range Rover, which is extremely advanced with unique and attractive presence."

But the big news is what has not changed in the vicinity, but what has been added inside. And that does not mean the extra space and back space (thanks to the 20 mm wheelbase extension) in the rear, an additional 13 percent rigidity in the chassis (the new combination-reduces noise and vibration due to a new mixed-metal platform) or the built-in architecture designed to accommodate the land rover's electrification system (Plug-in will be available at this time next year).

No, what we're talking specifically about is the "Clear Site Ground View" – which uses a camera on the side mirrors and front axles to show "Throw Bonate View" on the Dashboard Infotainment Screen, which gives the driver under 180-degree view. . Wheels – and even better, "Cleistric rearview mirror", which, on switch shocks, offers your front-facing camera display in bright high-resolution. Anyone who has run the Evoke will know that the normal rearview is like a scouting by the letterbox at Dusk, so this is a technological game changer.

Of course, Avoc is still believed to be wearing his Range Rover badge with dignity, its off-road credentials are inappropriate. On our short test drive under the archives of the Old Truman Brewery in the Trendy Shardrich Urban Forest in East London, we took the new EVOK up-ramps, downstream and swimming pool (yes, actually). It was not a complete test by any means but it was a delightful and convincing full promise.

Then again, most new customers of Evok, such as old people, will rarely experience anything like obstacles facing them. But that's not really the point. 2019 Avoc will be the first city drive, and off-road cross-country car will be another. He is not in doubt that he will be able to do both destructively. Only if the Land Rover can make it fast enough to live with the demand will be concerned.

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