Sunday , May 9 2021

Nigeria: IDP residents use the game to highlight the risks of multiple sexual partners

Indigenous displaced people in the Kuchingo camp in Abuja, Nigeria mark the world AIDS The day on Saturday, keeping in mind the risks of many sexual partners, sexual relations for money and regular testing.

"It is an awareness campaign. We are here to celebrate the world AIDS World day and theme AIDS Day & # 39; knows your status & # 39; Knowing your status is the starting point because if you know that you are positive then you need help Naka If you are submissive yourself and you are being tested, the government is ready to help, "Chairperson of the National Age for Control AIDS ("Naka), Pauline Tallen

Testing for more than a hundred people HIV In the camp

If you know you are positive then you need help and the NAC is ready to help, if you subject yourself and you are tested, the government is ready for assistance.

"Today I am grateful for the drama. This is an example for us in this camp, yes, life is not easy but you will not play with life. Therefore, I am not happy with the way we live, we are young, parents, people in this camp. Are married, we are not living a good life ", Kuchinger IDP Resident, Victoria Elia lamented

"I know that you should go and examine and if you do not have glory, then it is for God, and if you have it, you have to take and take medication to save yourself because it is your own, so At least it is best to help yourself. But definitely, if you just hide yourself and sit without testing, but how you can know and you Other residents of Ishq Titus said that anything could happen.

U.N. No Data AIDS Program (UNAIDS) Show that Nigeria is the highest HIV In West and Central Africa every 3.5 million people get infected with the virus.


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