Tuesday , August 16 2022

Nottingham Forest & # 39; Ingredients & # 39; A championship is going to be successful


Adeleen said, "We have used all the components of the Notting Forest to bring the championship to victory this season.

Midfielder promoted his earlier career with Wattford in his career.

Season begins with the season at the city ground season, and believes that the above qualities can be seen within the Forest ranges of the above qualities.

Since the quality of the team is high, the & # 39; Identity & # 39; Karunka said he needed.

"To get out of this partition, for a good team, you need good players, we get it, and manager gives you the necessary components to play games," Guidioura said.

Adeline Geudurra arrives at the city ground.

"It's not easy for us to do that.

"The manager knows the league first, he goes with the middle squares and knows the championship well.

"He has a good knowledge of this, he gives us an individual and we hope that we will follow the same actions – he will give you the identity that he wants us to have in games."

There have been steady progress in the Forest ranges since the beginning of the season – and Gidurahar hopes to get even better.

"We are hard to beat, but we have played a lot of sports games right at the start of the season," he said.

"It's normal in some ways because we have a lot of new players, what is the manager telling us? How can this happen?

"Months have been played since the game is over, and you can see a big difference in the season's big difference compared to last season.

Nottingham Forest Manager Arya Karanga.

"Now we are strongly defending ourselves, and now we are expecting to be successful for a while."

When they were promoted until 2014/15, they lost two of their last 17 matches in the WATFORT Championship. Three included the three and wins on 12.

Guadalupa hopes to forestall forestry.

"A good run of success helps you, and you can not go on the table and stay there for three, four, and five consecutive victories without winning one or the next one," he said.

We remember with Watford. We lost only once in 10 or 12 games. We have succeeded.

"Since then, we have been in a good position and that's the right place.

"So that's what we start to bring down, and let's see where it is."

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