Monday , January 25 2021

On the new trailer CES for BioWare's song premiere, look here

The new trailer for BioVare's next action game song was CES's premiere tonight during NavyDia's press conference in 2019. The new video shows some new enemies and grand places of the game, while it also spots some new Javelin excavators.

In addition, Envidia confirmed that AI-based antializing would be available for DLSS Technology Anthhem. Check out the beautifully-looking trailer below. Note that it was probably captured on high-end PCs, so it looks as impressive.

The trailer's premiere was done during Navidia CES Keynote, where the company also announced the new GFFors RTX 2060 video card. It promises to deliver "next generation" gaming.

GPU Starts on January 15th, and the price tag is $ 350 in the US, less than you could guess. Check out more coverage on GameSpot and sister site CNET.

The NVDA also announced a great new deal for RTX 2060. Everyone who buys a card or a new desktop PC with the card inside it, can get the song or Battlefield V selection for it. Promotion is available in the "highest" areas globally.

GameSpot and CNET will have a lot of coverage in the CES 2019 in the coming days.

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