Thursday , May 6 2021

Parental alert: 'Fortnight: Battle Royale' & # 39; Is a free game and always has always been

It's a holiday gift-giving season, and that means parents are out to find the hottest toys and video games for their kids. Unfortunately, this also means that some vendors will have the opportunity to hunt unintended shoppers who are planning to buy a gift for their loved ones for the first time in the video game store.

The most popular game of the year, "Fortnight: Battle Royale", is a free-to-download download, but has not stopped retailers from coming out on the rush. Every major video game vendor from GameStop to Walmart has different types of "Fortnight" bundles for parents to buy at different prices.

But do not be fooled: "Fortnight" itself is a free download and will probably always be there. How To Sell In-Game Currency V-Bucks "Fortnight" makes its money, does not charge for the game.

Bundles only adds additional effects to free play, including VBucks – premium in-game currency – and extra cosmetic items for players. In other words, when you buy a "Fortnight" bundle, you do not pay for this game, you are paying for this bonus.

These bundles should be clearly labeled for what they are, although at least one Australian at Reddit noted that their local game stores put a sticker on the case, which could confuse the matter by covering the issue that it was just "Fortnight "" Extra. So, be careful there.

It is not to say that "Fortnight" is not worth the bundles. Inserted V-Bucks can help unlock paid content in the game, but buyers should be aware that the game is free to play without ownership and without any financial investment. Although it may take some time, players can earn a V-Box by playing the game over time and unlock anything without paying them.

Because of the free-to-play, "Fornite" helped launch more than 200 million players in July 2017, and creator Epic Games said 80 million players are playing on a monthly basis. During May 2018, the revenue generated by V-Bux microtriction in the game mainly made more than $ 300 million.

The demand for Fortnight currency has increased because more players are interested in the game, so scamers lead free "Watanite" players to target ads for a free V-box. Epic Games prohibits sales of unauthorized shops in V-Bucks, and prevents players from selling their accounts to other players. A feature for trading premium items with friends is currently being tested with select players, but this game has not been formally brought out formally. After all, this means that you can not try to sell anyone V-Box or In-Game items to anyone.

At the risk of confusing this matter, it is notable there Is there A separate, paid game mode for "Fornatete", called "Save the World", which actually keeps the omnipresent "Battle Royale" mode forward. If you want to run "save the world", it costs $ 30 and does not come in any of the existing "Fortnight" bundles you find in the stores. It is also worth noting that "Save the World" is much less popular than "Battle Royale".

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