Sunday , March 26 2023

Picture: Earthglow enveloped the earth in


Credit: NASA

The photo was shot down by an astronaut in an international space giant on October 7, 2018, and a 250-mile orbit in Australia.

In the atmosphere of orange, the Earth's atmosphere is about 50 to 400 miles long and light air dug bulls. This phenomenon typically occurs when the ultraviolet radiation (ultraviolet ultraviolet) in the Sun is enhanced by the molecules (mainly nitrogen and oxygen), which can be linked to each other by releasing that energy in the lower atmosphere.

Airglow reveals some of the activities at the top of our atmosphere. Scientists are able to understand the motion of the particles between the Earth and the left. Furthermore, the relationship between climate and climate. The moons offer a way to study this dynamic field. NASA's Unisefic Connection Explorer (ICON) satellite will help scientists help physiological effects on the Earth's surface with earth's atmosphere.

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