Wednesday , July 6 2022

Policemen fired


"Our factories in the city are in arms and we are suspected to have been armed with the martial arts arm of the MDC," he said, adding that the protesters were not shot dead by the soldiers, and I am happy to shoot the protesters, "he said.

Six people have been killed in the murder of 22 people under medical examination. Six people were shot dead. One shot and shot him to death. The crowd fled to escape a 14-year-old woman.

The military is deployed to assist the President Emerson Mannangaga, a soldier. He said he has the power to use the army from the President.

If the gunmen shot any performer, they had good faith. Because the protesters were natural, burning the entire city and threatening it.

He accused the opposition MD Dennis Nelson Chamizya of turning away from the violence. He did not want to arrest him, "he said.

"He will be able to arrest him right away, there are evidence, there are documents, and crime is not like meat, he will be arrested," he said.

But Zimbabwe's defense commander Philip Valeriso Sibanda vice president has ordered to deploy military personnel from retired general constanta Chivanga.

"In a letter to the home ministry, the then Home Minister of the Union (Soft MFAU), the President of the then Defense Minister (then Chivanja) wrote to the then President of the Defense Ministry, asking the Army for help, and I do not know whether the President of the Defense Minister responded to the police. I ordered the Defense Department to deploy the army, "he said.

Vanguard, the managing director of the CBD MDC, was also behind the shoot. The fact is that the state security agencies have weapons of mass destruction.

"If we had put out our minds while we were watching international observers and foreign journalists, it did not happen," he said.

Since July 10, he has alerted his army of alert. The MDC project is being prepared to eradicate the state in the country and the sannyantha is also ready to capture strategic government buildings, including Mundula and Sec-head offices. Rainbow Tower and Sanu PF offices.

On August 1, 10 armed policemen had maintained strategic areas using intelligence.

He said 62 soldiers and 16 police officers were trying to regulate law and order in 90 minutes when the violence started. Day by day, 167 police officers failed.

His strategic group was not fired at the protest rallies. They fled because they were riding army trucks. At one point, the MDC threatened his soldiers for the demonstration.

"We had shot alarmed shots and they dismissed them, but we were shooting at protesters because you were not burnt in innocent ordinary people, and they tried to stop the demonstrations," he said.

Nakuibi alleged that he had violated the law, saying police had lost this platform. Hiding them in their office and waiting for her to save her parents.

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