Friday , January 15 2021

Regular exercise and healthy eating can reverse cognitive decline: Study – Xinhua

New York, December 20 (Saahihua) – Only six months of regular study and healthy eating can reverse cognitive decline, recent studies suggest.

James Bloommann, the leading author of the Duke University study, said, "Our operating model is that by improving cardiovascular risk, you are improving neurosurgery efficiency." "You are improving heart health at the same time to improve your health."

In a study published in the journal Neurology on Wednesday, 160 adults were reported, who had high risk for cardiovascular disease, never exercised and had cognitive concerns. The participants had made cognitive tests before and after the study.

These participants, at the age of 65, were divided into four lines. Although not promoting exercise, one group had a heart healthy diet with less salt and low fat foods. The second group was not encouraged in diet, but at least three times a week they used to walk or cycled around 30 minutes. The third group did both, while the fourth group was told they would not change their diet and exercise habits.

After a six-month study, the third group has made the most significant improvement in thoughtful skills. Exercise and diet were brought down to their mental age from 93 to 84 in six months.

The third group received 47 points on cognitive testing on average, while the second group got 42 points and the fourth group got 38 points.

"Acquiring a healthy lifestyle can improve your risk, improve the neuromuscular efficiency, and it is not too late to get started. Even older people also benefit from some suggestions that can be compromised in their brain."

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