Thursday , June 8 2023

Set the Chefs & Pirates Sauto Derby semi-final in Telkom Knockout


Telkom knockout semi-finals Competitions: November 24-25, 2018 Overlando Pirates, Baroque and Bidst Witz.

This season, it is expected that the second souto derby arrives. Amacosi will look for revenge after Afzal defeated Bakkans 2-1 in the FNbi stadium in Afzal's premiership.

In the quarter-finals of the tournament, SuperSport defeated Piret in Savatto Derby, defeating SuperSport.

The semi-final defeated Amasulu 3-1 in the Derby Saturday evening.

In another semi-finals, the winner of the Baroque FC Bidget Vijes against MaritBurk United and Mallelio Sandown will welcome the winner. Barça sent out the 2-0 win at the Marseiges Barrels when they won 2-1.

November 24-25 will provide all news updates and match previews in the last four rounds of the weekend.

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