Saturday , June 10 2023

Simpakkam to evict 223 bananas


In the Chimminimani district of Zimbabwe, dozens of farmers and villagers have applied to the Emergency High Court to prevent the eviction of Zimbabwe Parks and the Wildlife Management Authority (SIMP).

In the past weeks, several villagers have been arrested by the police. The SIM Park has been threatened with collapse of houses and farming.

223 bananas lost their farms. Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association (cell) lawyer Maunga Manda and Associates have suggested. An immediate application to the High Court of Matara to stop eviction

According to his affidavit, the verdict mafata, SIM parks and its agents have been detained by the corporations, because they do not have a discharge order.

"Sikparkk, its agents, cikkeyar us, threatening mampebere that is threatening to expel from the villages, arrests have already been made, and they are too many weapons in our regions, he said." Pratikarikkatirikkanamenkil from unauthorized kutiyealippikkunnatil 223 people are affected, because they are home Ttavarakatte, they do not have food or income. "


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