Friday , March 31 2023

South Quiz Grass will lead the NBBG Golf Challenge Trophy


When Brad Grais hosted the Nadbank Golf Challenge host at Bradman Grais on Tuesday, the player was slowed down, "This week we can retain South Africa again."

Brendan Grace of Gare Players of the Narebeck Golf Challenge in Briden Graise will participate in a television program on Tuesday.

South African golfers won 14 of the previous editions of Major 14 times. Last year's Trevor Implan was the success of his predecessor and Grace's success ended 10 years.

The Glace 11 Gambler, who has his own grounds in the Country Club Country Club, is likely to lead 11 South African players.

"It's a great week for me to come back here," says Grise, "but it's not always easy, but I've done it before and can do it again."

Grace inspired his country to describe the success of "Major Africa" ​​in 2017.

"The biggest event in South Africa has won and you've achieved a World Cup and you've seen some legendary names for the Trophy – that's great."

Charles Schwarzsel near Martin Kiemer in 2012, is truly appreciative of what gets this weekend.

"For a South African cricketer, this tournament is very close, it's the first tournament I have come to see directly and watch my heroes play – it's always good to come back here."

South African Eric Van Auren is dreaming of his childhood dream of making his debut at the Nedbank Golf Challenge organized this week by Gary Player.

"It's a tournament that I've always wanted to play as a baby, and I've come here for a lot of times to see my family, a special privilege for this golf course is a ball striker, long holes and small greens, and my game looks really okay.


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