Saturday , January 16 2021

Super Chun Bonus – Come up with the loser star to total lunar eclipse

2-to-1: Total lunar eclipse comes with superman bonuses

On Sunday night, the moon, the earth and the sun stood to eclipse, which appears in North and South America

This year alone comes with a lunar eclipse and a superman bonus.

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On Sunday night, the moon, the earth and the sun were set up to eclipse, which appeared across the whole of North and South America, where the sky was clear. By 2021, there would not be another.

It was also the first superman of a year, when the full moon looks a bit more and brighter, which is in its closest position.

The entire eclipse took more than three hours. Perfection – When the moon is completely bathing in the shadow of the Earth – lasted for an hour. During the total lunar eclipse, eclipse, or blood, the moon converts from sunlight to the circulating fluid outside the Earth's atmosphere.

Apart from the United States, whole moon rattles can be observed, weather permits, from Atlantic to parts of Europe throughout.

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On Sunday night in late 20th, 2019, moon is found during the lunar eclipse at the top of the tongue of the tongue of the Giraffe sculpture outside of Dallas Dallas Zuni. (By Michael Hemill / Daniel Morning News AP)

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