Tuesday , January 26 2021

Technics announced the new SL-1200 turntable for Diesgeng

Techniques have announced the new DJ turntable in CES 2019. Dubbed the SL-1200 Mk 7, the company added the first time to its legendary SL-1200 MK series in 11 years. Its most recent predecessor – SL-1200 Mk 6-K and SL-1200 Mk 6-S – was released in Japan in February 2008. Technoxis has not said that when this turntable will be available or what it will cost, but considering that turns to the hed of the line, it should be cheaper than the recent few models, which make the valet between $ 4,000 and $ 10,000 worth of the price.

The SL-1200 series is the key to technology because it was introduced in the early '70s, but at that time, it was for audio files and home use. Due to radio stations, clubs, and hip-hop DJ Grandmaster Flash, they started favors as standard to present it, since the SL-1200 Mk2 was not released in 1979. With vibration and reaction resistance, it can catch in a louder, unstable atmosphere. They also became affordable, the SL-1200 MKK makes Van Dyne favorite for a number of years. But, Jonathan Dunbury of Techniques explained Plastic factory In 2016, The lasting popularity of the line over the years is that it has been closed. The company has made 1200-series turntable which is worn out from the original moldings and peppers.

What does SL-1200 MK7 play from the historical series, and it improves some key elements. It's a direct drive turntable that inherits the same SL-1200 visual layout, but it's now black with matte texture. There are plenty of improvements under the hood. The potential for the increased interest of texts in the highest turntable market of Technologies for the last few years is likely. New Corleys Direct Drive Motor Small SI-1200 Turntable eliminates the experiencing small caging issue – Smaller vibrations that can lead to circulation irregularity. The distance between the magnetic force of the rotor magnets and the chorelaceous stator and the rotor magnets has also been snapped, which compares the SL-1200 Mk 7 torque to the SL-1200 Mk 5.

Tonyer has the shape of a signature technique, made of lightweight aluminum, and it promises minimal styling jumping, "even in harsh playing situations." There is also a microcomputer such as motor control accuracy with objects like record scratching. Early torque and break speed can be made to your liking.

Image: Panasonic

Smaller stimulus changes are like new detectable power and phone cable terminals. I have manually transferred the SL-1200MK2 defective phono cables, and it is a pain, so this is a welcome addition. There is also a new reverse play function which can be enabled when turntable is turned on. To use it, press the motion selector button and at the same time press the "Start / Stop" button (and make sure the cartridge / needle you are using is for it's scratching). Eventually, Styles Illuminator has a new push-type structure, and the techniques say that it has been "cleaned to provide improved visibility of stylist tips, even in dark environments, compared to" models. "

When it comes to the chassis of the SL-1200 Mk 7, Technics has returned to the higher-end turntables from its recent work. There are two layered pieces, which have thermostatlastic materials mixed with die-cast aluminum and glass fibers. Technique says that even the turntable of the turntable moves forward. At the top there is an aluminum die-cast platter that is backed with detergent rubber, to reduce the oscillation again.

As a DJ for the elderly using the SL-1200 Mk2S, the last few years have become partial bumper when it comes to technical announcements. When the company now creates beautiful turntables for high-fi channeling and home use, it arguably discontinued catering to the DJ market, while the Paraxnik company stopped production of SL-1200 in 2010. The Technics brand was launched again in 2014. "Commitment to Creating High Quality Audio." Since then, every turntable release from the company is expensive and for home use, which is a late-look for many DJs, they still value as valuable exhibition workshops for the SL-1200 MK Series. . But, Danbury explained Plastic factory, With no molds, The company had to start from the beginning, and "all the parts, and the current value of the death, which was in the '70s, is astronomical."

All this says, DJs Was there Waiting for technologies to develop new models like the 4,000SL-1200G of 2016, to compensate for the cost of building parts for the second, more affordable DJ turntable. The SL-1200 is a landmark release for the MK7 technology and the investment in the community is back, which has chosen this series for decades. And in this process, the company has chosen to clean up the production of new features instead of slapping the whole of the production.

To celebrate the publication of the SL-1200 Mk7, Technics hosts a very fitting club-centric event in Las Vegas today with sets of Kenny Dope, Derrick May, Cut Cammist and DJ Coco.

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