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The & # 39; The Flash & # 39; Recap: "Reding Red"

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"Saying Red" begins with Orlin, who asks nurses about her nephew's case in the hospital. Later, Sikder works with the Metahumans in the dark age.

In Star Labs, when Ralf runs for help, Kateline is trying to work on therapy. The systematic man suggests that she works with the killer Frost on the situation but later explains that she does not work this way.

Iris summons a meeting in the main room and reveals that three of the screaming were killed Meta Last night Just as they are thinking of doing, the alarm starts to start again and in the Central City, they are warned with the presence of suspicion elsewhere.

Berry, Nora, Killer Frost, and Ralph's speed reached the scene and tried to break Meta Sikada. Ultimately Sicaada breaks Nora and escapes with the team involved with the rest of the friend. Later in Mad Bi, Katlin told the group that Sickida broke Nora's back seriously and removed her healing powers – now she is paralyzed.

Sherlock and Ralph do some excavations and find out that Siacada has somehow obtained the list of meteorological police departments and is working to kill everyone on the list. Barry and Cecil talked of Captain Singh's list and police captain, they say they do not have to take anything with Berry and Seychelle in the investigation.

Going out of the police department, Seychell told Barry that he would try to get help from federal agents with the situation. Before Sirida comes to her, Berry tries to save everyone in the list – she lists the help of Killer Frost and Ralph.

Track down the group Norvok First and it decides to go with them. We worked hard at the local zoo on the night that the bitter acceleration failed, and found out the bad roots. Like Norvok And the killer Frost has heart from the heart, tracking all the metahyunes in the bar list.

Berry race comes in his safe house in the Peer-a-Boo-back-to-boo list, when he realizes that there is only one meta left on the list. She goes to her store and tries to leave her, but she does not trust her. A long time ago, Saxada comes and the trio begins the fight. Barry and Picaboo finally escaped.

In her safe house, Barry talks to Seychelles and she uses her power to experience Barry's thoughts, she feels she wants to kill Sikida. Then, Seychelle came to know that before he failed the same feelings – when he was in the police department. Seychelles knows that he knows who has leaked the list.

On Star Labs, Iris pulls Sherlock one side and she struggles about her investigation over Nora. Sherlock plays stupid and warns Iris to stop it. When Iris returns to Nora's room, she starts walking around her.

In the safe house, Ralph and Killer Frost continued to talk about the healing from the beginning. Killer Frost states that she feared that Caitlin would take it, but Ralph would try to explain it otherwise. As the group is about holiday, helicopters come to the safe booth, Secada, to stop them.

Ralph leads the group around to take a hovering helicopter while Barry and Killer Frost remain behind in the fight against Scikada. Berry's Capable To use a flashy and to deliver the final blow to throw a bike, Nora is in motion and stops it. Being disturbed by Berry's daughter, Sickela escaped.

On CCPD, Seychelle and Captain Lions search the police officer who published the list to provide a dowry. He tries to escape from the police department but is arrested soon.

In his lab, Caitlin is interacting with the killer Frost and promises her Change Ego that he will never take treatment Killer Frost states that he was able to obtain DNA samples from Scikada to help with research on the therapy.

Despite Iris's warning, Sherlock continues to investigate Nora and runs diagnostics on Nora's journal. He discovered that the journal was written by two people.

That night after dinner, Berry and Iris were talking about the love for Nora when Berry had Epiphany – she needed to go to the heart of Orlin. Berry has mentioned what he can do to awaken Grace.

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