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The amazing backwheel nebula is a cosmic palace

APPE, the first Wolf-Rate Star System in the Milky Way.
Image: ESO / Callingham et al.

The image of a powder and gas colored nebula is very beautiful, but it's apparently cheated. It is known as a Wolf-Rawat Star System and when it arrives at a supernova, a destroyer gamma-ray explodes. What's remarkable about this particular Wolf-Rite system is the first thing we discovered in our galaxy. Pornography …

This Wolf-Rayat Star System is known as 2XMM J160050.7-514245. However, the researchers who have recently investigated this nervous entity are simply "bread" – Serpentine is the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess Ashokan. A new astronomer at the Astronomy Institute of Radio Astronomy, a researcher, said: "That's the way we found in our galaxy-" find our own backyard. " The research is now published in natural astronomy.

Of course, astronomers have previously observed Wolf-Rawat stars only in other galaxies. These large star systems are meant to enter their death lungs, and at what time they produce a sort of supernova that will result in a stronger and narrow plasma plasma-infected gamma-ray explosion.

A gamma ray breeding system is a large triple star system with a binary pair of its core, a single star, and a large plate with large gas and dust. The system is located 8,000 light years away from Earth.

"It's a very interesting enterprise to find some way to find Joe, and first we showed me when we were in Sydney undergraduates in 2012. We've taken up to six years to collect all data, founder of Cosmology and Particle Physics at New York University Bajamin Pop, Writer Gizmodo He said. "Sometimes science is lower than the speed! Last day, I remembered the last day before my PHD defense in Oxford. He is taking a picture of the Epic Serpent. That's literally gas, and it's shocking. There is no such thing. "

Welder Telescope, Pop, Collingham and their colleagues at the European Southern Observatory's Measure were measuring dust speeds within the spiral arms. In this system the short-term life cycle (these systems exist only for a few centuries – the eyes of cosmological terminology), the stars in the wolf-ray system rapidly spin, creating a steep wind moving stellar wind. These winds bring the stellar materials into space and are responsible for the formation of large particles of dust. In the case of apex, its spiral arms are considered to be in many light-years.

By measuring the speed of the nebula within this nebula, researchers quickly spin rapidly into one of three systems of the system, and so it becomes a long-term gamma-ray explosion that eventually becomes a supernova. It is still impossible to predict time). With wind speeds clocking up to 12 million km per hour, the powder moves to 570 million km per hour. The researchers say this is a contradiction signifying a star approaching a serious orbit.

"Apep powder powder from the wind in the pin system is moving very quickly," Colllingham said. "If such a rotation occurs when fueled by a supernova exploding in the poles at the equator prior to it, then this gamma-ray explodes."

The importance of this discovery is that no one thought that Wolf-Rite systems in our Galaxy are rotating very quickly. Moreover, many astronomers could not even exist in our galaxy. The Milky Way is old and very heavy. Heavy speed of heavier stars increases. Our impression of how much new stars die is still incomplete.

"Wolf-Rayet star systems are considered to be the predecessors of long gamma-rays bursts, so if there is something in our galaxy it's a stunning discovery," said Pop Gizmodo. "If not – this is a deeply unexpected occurrence in the star system, this is the best explanation for us."

The artist's appearance in a gamma-ray explosion.
Image: NASA / Dana Berry / Skyway Digital

The most powerful explosives known by astronomers are Gama-ray strokes. The length and duration of the length of a few hours, between two centimeters and a few hours, may cause more energy in the Sun's entire lifetime. Some scientists have suggested that the Ordivian-Silurian extinction was a massive vandalism that occurred 440 million years ago-a gamma-ray burst within our galaxy. Adrian Melot, physicist at Kansas University says: "There should be two or more years per year in a graphic boat year by year."

Popeye said, it is very bad if you want to get near a nearby person.

"The best thing I can give, depends on why we do not have to worry, whether it's a gamma-ray explosion through the app is not very clear, if not, it's unlikely to be so close in the future."

As another encouragement, gamma-ray bazars are very crucial and they cover the high energy rays of special ones. The supernova can only go for the threat of danger, and in our public proposal it may have to be pointed out.

However, you can learn more about Wolf-Rate systems. It will also be helpful to speak of the ancient Egyptian passion to destroy the destructive forces of Appeal:

Apep, defling apep with left foot, taking a lens to hit Apep, FAccident, appetite burning, burning over appeal …

[Nature Astronomy]

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