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The Chihuan pharmacy stopped selling outdated drugs, even asking the US Dollar


The Animal Pharmacy was shut down at Chechen Business Center in Chipsi to dispose of the 25th drugs to operate without medication, registrations and untreated drugs in the Simbab Medicinal Control Authority (MCAC).

Some of the drugs that do not include the pyrethromal freezes 10mg / ml, the outdated and unregistered pyramid eye thorns; 100 mg atomanol, hypertensive medicines, unregistered and tifedoid feed vaccine disappeared.

According to a report by an inspector of MCAZ; The sneak examined from Emmanuel McCarthy, Newsday examined; On October 21, 2018, a tip was made from the public.

The report of November 7, 2018 is partial; "On inspection day, inspectors entered the papers secretly and requested the pyramid to be in the eye. Rubidjay Chadimbham, who described himself as a pharmacist, paid 8 dollars for pyrion eyes.

"The inspectors paid the money and asked other dispensary assistants to find the drug out of the room.

They were handed over to Siddibai. The inspectors' details are not included in the scheme. Paid to the officer without a distribution label. The inspector said that based on the request for the label, the pharmacy system for not keeping the labels for such medicine was insufficient.

"In that situation, the officers introduced themselves and removed the car from the trunk of the car and then asked the pharmacist not to watch the pharmacist.

The list of 16 types of unregistered and outdated drugs reported in the car's tract has been reported. 85 tables were found in the bag in the bag, but they are not identified.

A search in pharmacy has also been clarified that the dispenser is not working properly. The amount of heat is shown in the 26 degree Celsius.

Infrared drugs were later restricted to the refrigerator, though not working. Pharmaceutical employees can not produce invoices in respect of drug purchases.

The Pharmacy has issued a prompting to ensure the proper supervision of the supervision, requested the supervisor to observe within seven days and provided the invoices and names of the drugs that supply drugs.

Supervisor has been advised to keep the drugs in the fridge on the day of checking the vessel until the matter is confirmed.

In the meantime, over the years, the country's essential medications have been short-circuited, leading to cheap and unregistered drugs for people who have the risk of finding their way through pharmaceuticals.

But the owner of the pharmacy Elizin Mahweiro alleged that the owner was selling drugs without selling drugs. But the whole incident tried to destroy the girl but told her boyfriend.

Maheri has acquired four pharmacies, including the pharmacy, the Niki and the chipine pharmaceuticals at the Chevy Pharmacy center at Cheyeye's business center.

My brother, I know that my former girlfriend is always behind me, and I have had a relationship with this man for more than seven years, but it ended so badly that he is there to destroy me, "Mahwei He said.

MCAZ is the National Medicines of Zimbabwe and the Health Care Product Control Authority. The Drugs Control Council was first created in 1969. The Parliament Law and Drugs became the Drugs Control Council and the Zimbabwe Regional Medicines Control Laboratory in 1997 through the Allied Substance Control Act (MASKA) (Chapter 15.03).

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