Saturday , September 24 2022

The daily press briefly by the spokesman's office for the Secretary-General of 27 November 2018 – Democratic Republic of Congo – Democratic Republic of the Congo



Congo Democratic Republic

And the reforms on the Democratic Republic of Congo: Our Peacekeeping Mission on Monsooc, reports that the situation in the North Bay area of ​​Kiwu and the USF. The situation in the joint operation of the Congo Army has been stuck against. [Allied Democratic Forces] Is going on. In addition to this work, peacekeepers continue to escort the health workers in response to Ebola's response. As part of this, the Secretary-General, Lella Zerougue's Special Representative, Beni has worked to pay tribute to peace-loving people earlier this month. He visited the wounded and supported all the troops located in that part of the country. She had met with the Malawian peacekeeper who was recovered at the weekend. After the joint operation, she was missing from November 14. The mission continues to retain the remaining three peacekeepers in Malawi still missing.

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