Monday , May 17 2021

The Russian Space Agency sees the mask on the horizon after the engineering set ends

Russia's space program is trying to improve its reputation for credibility after the failed projection, because it results in unprecedented foreign competition for entry into orbit.

On Monday, the Roskosmos Agency will try to send its first crew to space on the Soyuz rocket because the Booster failure on the same model was forced to leave its mission minutes after the liftoff in October after the Russian Alexei Ochchinnen and American Nick Hague. They made the first emergency landing in Craft since 1975.

NASA Associate Administrator William Gertenmayer plans to take part in the launch to take Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Connanko, US astronaut Anne McLeine and Canadian David St-Jacques to the International Space Station at the Biconur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. However, a successful mission will not remove the storm clouds on the horizon for Russia's space program.

He has weakened the first Soviet heritage as the first human space program, including the recent deficiencies in Roskosmos, the series of unsuccessful launches and misspellings. Growth in its grief, it now faces the possibility of low income because people at the space station end up with a seven-year monopoly on the ferry.

He is clearly concerned about losing income due to sending American astronauts to orbit, Gertenmeyer said in an interview in Moscow, traveling to Bikaner. "We share some of the same problems – there is a limited amount of budget in our countries and space flight is part of a prudent budget."

Cheap Rockets

Billionaire Alon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies and Boeing have signed an agreement with NASA's Commercial Crew Project to deliver astronauts to ISS from next year. Worldwide start-ups are also using cheap rockets to put down the planets down the satellite into space, challenging Roskosmos's exciting launch business.

Roscosmos's press service refused to comment on the possible loss of NASA revenue. In 2011, after NASA retired its fleet of space shuttle, he took the astronauts and equipment on the ISS to the US. Earned about $ 2.6 billion from

Russian market share for rocket technology fell slightly in 2017, which rose to Roskosmos, accusing it of sanctions, weak rubles and increased competition, according to the annual report released on Friday. He allegedly made SpaceX the single in the market allegedly for the help of the US government.

Based on the technology developed decades ago in the Soviet Union, Russia has been steadily increasing in its new space race. When NASA has a contract with Roskosmos to Rosscosmos to send the contract to ISS by February 2020, then it will stop paying for the seats on the Society, if the commercial crew program goes into the plan, Gertenmire said.

& # 39; Basic Things & # 39;

US Windfall Funding does not always spend with skills. Alexei Kuddrin, head of the country's audit chamber, told the lower house of parliament in June that there was a financial violation of 760 billion rubles ($ 11.4 billion) on Roskosmos' books.

In an interview on the state's Rosia 24 TV on November 25, Kudryin said that "some billions have been spent, basically stolen, we are currently investigating." "Rocosmos is a champion in terms of this type of violation."

Cudrin's remarks relate to the audit of 2017, Rosscosmos told the Tas News Service.

The agency has faced a series of other problems. In Russia's Far East, a serious defect was found on the launchpad of its new cosmodrome, Wostounys, the RBC newspaper reported last week. Separately, a commission is still studying the cause of the mysterious hole found on ISS's Russian model. Spacewalk is planned on December 11 to investigate the issue, however Gertenmayer does not expect the final report until February.

However, the soya is the most used launch vehicle in history and Roccosoft successfully launched a humanitarian launch in October after failure, which has accused the sensor of damaging it during the assembly.

Gertenmire said, "We have many advantages in cooperating with working together." If both agencies "follow the incompetent capabilities or have some competition in some areas, it is also healthy," he said.

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