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Tony Mendez: The CIA disguised master, whose influence on Ben Aeflack's influence in Iran has escaped

A disguised artist and disguised master for the CIA, Tony Mendez once converted a black agent and Asian diplomat into a pair of white business executives, using masks to give them unreliable similarities to film stars Victor Adult and Rex Harrison. On another occasion, he created an array of jack-in-the-boxes – a spring-loaded man – which enabled CIA to release his source from the car while Dummy stood in his place.

In his 25 years in the CIA, Mendez, who died at the age of 78, was effective in geological theater business. By dragging techniques from magicians, film makeup artists and TV shows Impossible missions, He changed one person to another, in turn, transforming agents into backlinks, costumes and letters with documents that helped them avoid searching and avoid capture in foreign countries.

Well, for the career that was drawn from the Hollywood thriller, its biggest win was based on the bogus scientific film, the Chem Production Office in Los Angeles and the fake location-scouting campaign in Iran. While divorcing herself as an Irish filmmaker, Mendez successfully smuggled employees of six state departments from Tehran during the 1979-1981 Iranian bailout crisis, leaving them as a Canadian movie crew in a courageous mission, which supported Oscar-winning film. Argo In 2012

Mendez, who was spared by his wife and fellow CIA operative Joanna Mendez, showed it to Ben Affleck, who also directed the film.

Revolutionary Iran mark up in the film (Warner Bros)

Impressive landscapes and painter of outdoor scenes, Mendez was employed as a draftsman when he was recruited by the CIA in 1965, and after retirement, he ran an art studio. "I always consider myself the first artist," he once said, to look back on his career, "and for 25 years I was a pretty spy."

Laos, India and the Soviet Union, after the stunts, on 4 November 1979, a terrorist group of Iranians in Tehran, U.S. Served as Chief Chief of the CIA in possession of the embassy. Following the Islamic Revolution several months have passed since the Islamic Revolution. The country's leader, Western Support Shah, and transferred them with the hard line of Israel's Roohula Khome.

& # 39; Argos & # 39; Ben Eiffel (Warner Bros) as Mendez

60 Americans, including six CIA officials, were captured, while six other U.S. Diplomats could capture the capture and took shelter in two Canadian, ambassador Ken Taylor and embassy officer John Sharddown's house.

After 444 days, the crisis in the hostage took vague news coverage, disabled Jimmy Carter's President, and as a result, eight service members died during an unsuccessful rescue mission in the desert. Mendez completed her rescue on January 28, 1980, but in 1981, on the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, 52 took a year before 52 last hostage.

Ideas for "Canadian Copper", such as Mendez's mission became known, came out of despair. Expert in "expriliteration", the art of moving people from harm to people, Mendez initially worked on a plan to free them for the corpse of American hostage – Shah's joint couple, had been treated for cancer in the United States. States

As of 2007, the plan was fixed by the White House Wired By Magazine Account Joshua Berman and in December 1979 when Mendez was promoted to the head of the agency's authentication branch, his efforts were moved to save six Canadian "households" because American embassies were called in euphemisms. Their existence was publicly concealed in order to save the Iranians.

When the Canadian minister suggested leadership of diplomats to the Turkish border, probably on the bicycle, only departure by air seemed practical. Mendez only needs to settle on a story that will enable partners to go on the plane. All the plans centered on teachers, crop observers and oil technicians seemed to be defective. So Mendez decided to "violate the rules and create illusion".

"A cover, which should be as interested as possible, so the casual observer, or non-accidental immigration officer, does not investigate very deeply," he wrote in the 1999 memoir, Prostitute master. His solution, opposite the movie Gambit, Blond – was so bold to believe that he believed that Iran would never believe it would never be fake.

Mendez called his friend John Chambers, a makeup artist, who won an honorary Oscar for his work The Apes Planet (1968), Dr. Spok gave pointy ears and he helped the CIA on the old assignments. With another makeup artist Bob Sidel, who worked later on ET, They opened the production office in Los Angeles; He created an executive card for his fictional company Studio Six Productions; And backstories and career history developed for six partners.

Mendez and Chambers named their recognized science-fiction film project ArgoPay attention to the Knock-Knock joke for the Ronchi Punchline, and to the mythological ship that used to use Jason to recover the Golden Fleet. In ads Variation And Hollywood Reporter The film was promoted as a "cosmic struggle".

In the hands of the Canadian passport, Mendez went to Tehran on 25 January under the name of Kevin Costa Herkins. (He chose an Irish identity, after that he said that Irish is "unreliable" and "omnipresent around the world.") Another CIA agent called Julio, supported by the agent, had spent a few days preparing six diplomats, New identities – including cameraman and set designer – and preparing them for possible inquiries at the airport.

Early on 28 January, they proceeded to Tehran Mehrabad International Airport for the initial Swiss flight of Zurich. After a delay in the mechanical problem, the flight stopped Iran's airspace after the delay and ordered the Mendez to give the toast to the bloody Mary: "We are free from home."

The diplomats returned to welcome the heroes in the United States, where the Canadian flag was flown from the hall and read billboards, "Thanks, Canada" spread across the country. Mendez met with Carter at the Oval Office and received an Intelligence Star from the CIA's high honors. But his role in the rescue and the role of the CIA was kept secret until 1997, when Mendez was honored as one of the 50 "trailers" who took the form of the first 50 years of the agency.

Mendez was born in 1940 in the mixed-heritage family (Italian, Mexican, Welsh) in Eureka, Nevada, who later credited it to help mix it around the world. When his father died in a copper mining accident, he was three years old; Her mother did many jobs.

The family had little money, and Tony drove the bat neck (onion) in the caves and sold it on a toy wagon and sold it to Mormon neighbors as a fertilizer, selling it as a gun duck for $ 1 (£ 0.70). He occasionally experienced his covert performance in an event in which he entered only as a couples, who had got admission for school dance only.

Mendez graduated from high school in Denver and was unable to attend tuition, after one year left the University of Colorado. He was a painter at Martin Marieatta, when he partnered for an intercontinental ballistic missile, when he saw a newspaper-assisted advertisement: "Artists to work abroad – US Navy citizens." Consumer by Vendorlest, they went to the interview and were assigned to the CIA Recruitment Guidelines.

Mendez had an equivalent number of two-star general in 1990. Prostitute master, His memoirs, served with the article of beerman Wired, For source content Argo, Who won an Oscar for Best Picture in 2013. (It takes some freedoms with facts, Mendez said, including adding Chase view and writing to their two children).

Mendez's first wife, Karen, died of lung cancer in 1986. In 1991, she married Joanna Hieistand, a specialist with expert photography photography, who also served as the CIA head of the CIA. He has survived his first marriage from his sons, sisters, grandchildren and his son and daughter.

Makeup, Mendez often said that it was generally a secretive one of the simplest parts of development. Behavioral criticism is important, discover reliable backstories.

He said, "There are many occasions when you are preparing to place your name on the hotel's account holder." Washington Post In 2000 "You've made reservations for yourself [an] Alias ​​You just flew 10 hours. It's the moment when you put the pen down and you think, 'oh, jees, what's my name?' "

"Once you go to Natharwor, like him," he adds, "it's like going into another dimension. It's like being a tourist." How would you be back? "

Born on November 15, 1940, Antonio Joseph Mendez died on 19 January 2019

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