Monday , March 20 2023

Transfer all over-the-cheaper goods, says Togetree, from the San Pf Young People


The senior party leaders of the party youth league, Sanu Pigarepie, challenged young youths to fight for financial monopolies to destabilize the economy to create problems of the President Emmars Mannangova.

Since the success of Mannaggaon in July, the economy has become even worse. The price rise of basic commodities has surpassed the penetration of other countries and the price of other retail segments.

Sanyu PF youth are saying in a proposal to confiscate all valuables. Those who do it undermine the leadership of Mannavanka.

"People suffer from disaster, and there are people who make it unstable.

"Our young men are instructed to confiscate all valuable goods because there is no justification for why it should be done." Can we progress when others reach the opposite direction?

"A 2-liter bottle of cooking should not be above 4 dollars, but it will now see $ 10 in the shelves of many shops, and our youngsters will get into the store and borrow the usual price and borrow because it's crazy," said Tigar.

Some people who buy RRB of Forex from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe increases undue hikes.

"The Reserve Bank will stop giving these people foreclosure, and we know them." What are they buying for Forex and Increase?

"Young people will have to pay for this, so they will import basic goods and sell them at friendly prices," he said.

Deputy Minister Love Mohokyuk said that the crisis around MLC leader Nelson Chamois has evolved. If Sun Pfin defeated in election, he could be able to trick the party, "he said.

"Said Chamiza Azazhvidha Jacha Zaka Nader Jacha Roach Iri, let's tell our people that this chaos is full because of Chamiza.

"Our country and the compassion of Chamiza are very much undermined by the economy." The MDC Alliance has won all the city systems that control the production control and they are now undermining our president, "said Maatick.

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