Thursday , January 21 2021

Tron [TRX]Justin Sun: beat torrent token [BTT] Just the first step

Tron Foundation CEO and founder Justine Sun talked about the utility of BitTorrent token [BTT]During the recent livestream, on the official YouTube channel. The CEO also spoke about projects providing solutions for the same as the difference between the project and the projects.

The CEO said that introducing a reward mechanism in the bit torrent protocol is the very first useful utility of BTT token. He further said that the Foundation is considering expanding decentralized storage bandwidth and embedding decentralized applications into a bit torrent network for the future. He said:

"So this is just the first step. I think the future BBT will definitely be more like a user case and I think the world's largest decentralized user case is also there."

Then project Atlas project Lead Justin Knoll said that currently white paper focuses on boosting bit torrent downloads. He said:

"So if anyone has a torrent and you want to get his pieces, you can get it faster with a token but that's right bandwidth. It's bandwidth for bit torrent uploads, you can imagine something where there is a storage instead If you constantly want to store something, you can shake the pieces from people to save pieces and exchange incentives.

Knowle said that bit torrents are "vehicles" that are initially intended to introduce a huge audience, which show that there are about 10 million active users on a monthly basis. In addition to this, Sun talked about other plans to provide the same solution, which states that most of these projects have less user user experience than Tron, more active users in the Tron Telegram group.

The founder says that there is a big difference between Tron and other projects at this time, mainly due to bit torrent protocol, there are "hundred million" users per month. He said:

"So, this is a real huge user case and I think the network industry is definitely playing for sure in this industry. Betterant and atherium they achieve such a huge success and it is because the people of the world have blocked the blockchain for transferring the protocol Used, to transfer the contents of the tokens. "

He said that this is also equally with bit torrent, adding that when decentralized app industry is introduced, they will have more opportunities to succeed.

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