Wednesday , September 28 2022

UFC 233: Against Henry Sejudo, TJ Dillshow will fly officially on the Flyway title Anaheim on January 26.


Signed, sealed and delivered soon.

The Battle of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Flyweight Title The current division is Kingpin Henry Sejudo and Bentmweit Champ, T.J. Delsho has been officially authorized for the UFC 233 Pay-Per-View (PPA) event within the Honda Center of Anahheim, California on January 26, 2018.

More questions are raised about the future of the 125 pound division under UFC Umbrella, and it is now official. After reports of Demetrius Johnson's move to an FC, prompting the prompts to completely remove the weight class, Dana White was non-realistic to dissolve the division.

Of course, fighting bookings does not mean a weight of 125 pounds – which will already lose some fighters – they will be in practice. It can be the only way to promote it in style with a big "Champion vs. Champion" showdown.

In addition, it will provide the next "Champ-Champ" of UFC, which Dillshaw should prove to be a triumph.

T.J. After saving 135 pounds straps against Cody Gabbbrant at UFC 227, there has been a clamor for the chance to compete for a 125-pound title. Of course, "Viper" was a different rival at the time. Still, T.J. Henry was very open to fight, and now for the noise of 135 pounds division, he will get a chance in history, I'm sure.

For Sejoudo, the fight will give them the chance to defend their title at least once, and maybe 135 pounds can be assured that they will be TJ Either way, the fighters of the UFC PVV in 2019 To slay adventure, one will participate in hell combat.

Early forecasts?

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