Tuesday , February 7 2023

What colors come in the Moffi juice pack?


Best answer: Based on your model there are three to four colors.

What is the difference between models of Mofini Juice Pack Access three battery case?

The Mofizus Juice Pack Access Battery Case is compatible with all versions of the X and its built-in iPhone. It includes X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR. In most cases, the case is identical, but differs depending on the model in battery length and case models.

  • IPhone X / X – The case is available in deep red, gold, navy and quadrilateral. With this model, you get 76 hours of playing music, 25 hours of talk time, 17 hours of video streaming, or 15 hours of net surfing.

  • IPhone X Max – Get it in navy, gold, black or deep red. This model offers charges for up to 81 hours of music, 31 hours of calls, 18 hours of streaming, or 16 hours of internet browsing.

  • IPhone XR – Unlike other people, this case model comes in bright blue, vibrant red or black color. It empowers your iPhone up to 81 hours of music playback, 31 hours of conversation, 18 hours of video or 16 hours of web surfing.

What features do they share?

Regardless of the model, each juice pack has access to the back button in the access case. When kept for three seconds, the charging process begins or expires. Battery service serves as an LED light battery life indicator next to the button to let you know when there is a need for recharge. In addition, the USB-C port and iPhone's lighting ports of battery case are accessible at both time. Opening these new possibilities like listening to music or being able to charge your iPhone while charging both devices at the same time.

Each model of juice pack access is made up of a mixture of plastic and rubber. Case is easy on the touch and in your pocket the door will not cause much friction outside and outside. You can install and remove your iPhone by dragging down the top and bottom of the case. Do not worry, it just comes when you want it.


Moffi juice pack access

Expand your iPhone's battery life

Give your iPhone plenty of extra interest with juice pack access. It protects your phone from scratch and bumps, allowing you to decide when the battery pack starts and your iPhone stops charging. It works with iPhone X, X, X Max, and XR

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