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Which I D. Paintings The Songs On Their 'Dicaprio 2' Album


J.I.D. Has already proved itself as a songwriter rider – just listen to her first album, Never Story, Or its 2018 XXL Freshman Freestyle If you are strangers – it is not surprising that it can literally paint the pictures with her words. East Atlanta-Bread Wrapper shows how nice it is in Eeriliks XXLO Masterpiece Series, because they paint their way through their Somomer album, Dicaprio 2. Only the J.I.D. Call Roses out of fear.

Long-awaited project, 2015 follow-up DiCaprio, Which Collaborate with a call ("Of Dies"), Method Man, Joey Bada $$, A $ AP Ferg ("Westbrook", which features some of his songs. 2018 XXL Cypher verse), 6th Lake, Ela Mai, and the Biggest Chicago Kid, and Cristo, Kenny Beats, Chasethamino, J. Production of Cole, Wundgural and Frankie P. Influential tracklist, from aggressive bangers to small amphosas and wild wordplay to beats Dreamville Records Signer– Affects for the next Instagram caption-the kind of seal-of-acceptance motivation that stimulates the screws is not a sophomor recession.

Take, for example, "Slick Talk", an ewonder and Kenny Beats-produced track (bit switches are insane!) That sets the sound for the album. This is JI's "Shit-Talking Song".

"I felt very long to say, but I keep my list short / I know that your favorite is not Gone, & # 39; fuck with this piece / when I am doing, please know that I am trying to break you If / because this is a competition, I am setting this bar, & # 39; it converts its handwriting into a smooth droll. How the 28-year-old MCA illustrates his thoughts in the picture , Which he began in 2015, such as "The Red Dot ganasota." Jeaidina once this is hot.

With 14 tracks on the project, choosing personal favorites is not easy, but this dictionary describes it as one song "Halley Extra": "Scrobriages" featuring the Big The Chicago Kid. "J. Cole produced it, Ron Gilmore, Elite, who were part of Dreamville, produced it on the other side, huckled the Chicago Kid, Massgo played on it, and Mack Miller made this arrangement," which . I D. Explains. "It's one of the great songs I have ever made."

To give a better understanding of the track to its supporters (this is a loop standout on the bit), it starts painting strawberries because it stimulates some songs: "My girl softens the robbery and shapes like a strawberry. " The final result is that the id. One is called Heartberry, which is converted into a woman's shape. For a song created to celebrate it for how beautiful women (ex-girlfriends from their sisters), it is a proper artistic vision.

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