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Why Congress election can lead to violence

Johannesburg (AP) – The results of the presidential election of the Congo were delayed on Sunday. To protect US properties from the possible "violent protests" in the corporation on election results, some 80 US Military personnel have been deployed in Central Africa. The international community has warned the Congo government that the results should reflect the desire of the people accurately – and that the Internet service should be restored.

Catholic Church, during the two-year election delays, the powerful critic, the ruling party of the Congo is enraged by the clear winners of the information collected by its 40,000 opinion observers. When the Election Commission can only announce the results, the Church probably decides that the leading opposition candidate won the Martin Feuulu.

President of Congo will agree under the departure of President Joseph Kabila? Here is an overview of the election, because after the independence of 1960, the nation's first peaceful, democratic transition can be done.


Who are the top legislators?

Last year, the clan said that they can announce a stay away from each other. He led the Imperial Emmaan Ramazahan shadari of the former Interior Minister ruling party under the European Union's ban for violent action against people during the election delay. Congo dismissed EU diplomatic days before voting. Shadari, who has predicted the victory, seems to be the only president by many Congo, while the clan governs shadows to protect the wealth collected from the rich mineral resources of the country. A banned, barred from serving three consecutive times, he has indicated that he will run again in 2023.

Feuulu, a businessman and chairperson of Kinshasa, leads the coalition backed by two powerful opposition parties run by President, former Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba and former governor Moyes Katumbi. Feuulu accused the Congo authorities of blocking their flights and campaigning; Some political activities are being stopped in the capital, one opposition stronghold; And his supporters attacked. The cleric has foiled the allegations, while Fayou has urged supporters to remain silent.


Is Troubles Reported?

Congo Election Observers, Opposition supporters and groups of rights have accused the irregularities on December 30, which were not invited to see Western observers.

Approximately 1 million voters were excluded from the elections in the eastern cities of Beni and Boutembo, in which election commission had severe Ebola virus broke out. It can reduce the credibility of votes alone, some observers said. Following the breakdown of some Ebola facilities, opponents were imitated.

The Catholic Church, whose mission, has deployed about 40,000 observers to polling centers, it has been said that 38 percent of stations missed more than three hours of voting material after voting. 24% of observer reports said that voting was suspended at some point in the first time due to difficulties with voting machines in the Congo. Overall, it said that irregularities did not affect voting significantly.

Many people could not find their name on the voters list. Some polling booths were moved in the last minute, while others were in restricted areas like military barracks, the Seattle Civil Society Group said that about 19,000 observers were deployed. It says that 24 percent of the polling booths have been closed without allowing people to vote.

Human Rights Watch says that election observers were blocked from "countless" polling stations and vote-counting centers, and the Congolese soldiers or other armed groups allegedly tried to force people into some areas to vote for the Shadri.


Why is an Internet block?

In a clear attempt to silence the speculation on social media about the results of 40 million voters in Congo, the day after the election, internet and text messaging were reduced the next day. In some African nations this tactic is more popular. The United States has said that the Internet service should be restored, warning that the democratization process can be used in the U.S. Can Resist Prohibitions

US Human Rights Office spokesman Ravi Shamdasani threatened journalists, observers and rights activists and said that these attempts to silence dissent can significantly withdraw. She called for peace at "very sensitive" time.

Delay in publication of initial results will delay the release of results. It is expected by January 15, then it can not be revealed with the inauguration after three days.


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