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Why Mark Market was seen as an unexpected failure of Suckerberg Why some Facebook investors burned him

Mark ZuckerbergGate

  • New York Times reveals CEO of Facebook's crisis management The biggest failure by Mark Zuckerberg is exemplified.
  • Some of the accusations that trickled his company were not as interesting as the report.
  • It's red meat for strong investors who want to expel Zuckerberg as chairman.
  • As a chairman, he is allowed to accept his defeats, a bone to critics on Facebook and retain control of the institution he built.

If you have not read the New York Times Blockbuster 6000-Work Opus on how you handled a series of Facebook scams, it's a good investment for your time.

Many plays and mini-accusations are based on interviewing with 50 people. The Black Operations project was designed to include George Soros on a blacklist as a skilful master behind the anti-Facebook movement.

But overall, the leadership I felt was a gorgeous failure. In this sense, all roads are led by Facebook CEO and chairman Mark Zuckerberg.

In the last three years, Facebook has been outlining some of the worst issues that threatened Facebook, worst, worse and more brutal than ever.

Entering into Facebook's accident, Zuckerberg and his right lady and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg were concerned about personal plans.

Evidence of Russian intervention in Manglisch last year, Zuckerberg was "on a listening tour". He sought to focus on "broader technical issues", leaving Sanderberg to politics.

Sherly Sandberg facebook cooDruger Anchor / Getty Images

Sandberg and Zuckerberg have called for Facebook to take action against Facebook.

In a strange conversation with Greg Walden, a republican riddle, there is a description of his wrong decision on his social network.

But the other is out and talking about how it deals with the problems of the Zuckerberg. Apple CEO Tim Cook has criticized the Cambridge analyst's data collapse. Instead of kissing it, Zuckerberg was very angry.

"The criticisms by Cook deeply influenced Mr. Sück Birg, after which he asked the management team to use only Android phones, arguing that the operating system was more productive than Apple.

It wrecked the whistleblower at a time when Facebook needed reasonable responsibility. ("Time and our employees and executives have encouraged them to use Android in the long term," Facebook said in the Times report)

Zuckerberg's failure is a red flesh for investors who are furious

This is the red flesh of angry investors wanting to go to the Sakkarborg chair.

Business Insider has talked with activist shareholder many times, having more than $ 3 billion. They fire with a free chairman at the foot of Zuckerberg.

Read more: These investors control Facebook's stock of $ 3 billion – they want to drop Zuckerberg

"He is not responsible, the board or shareholders are a bad corporate-governance system," he told me. "He's his own boss, that does not work clearly."

The proposal to expel him as chairman was last year. Analysis shows an annual partnership meeting with support for 51 percent of free investors. There is a new proposal to divide Zuckerberg's double role in the meeting of next year's shareholders. It already has support.

Erskin bowlsGate

Facebook constantly highlights these needs. A free chairman said that "uncertainty, confusion and inefficiency" would be created. Apple, Twitter, Microsoft and many other tech companies are also very comfortable with this smooth running process.

The value of independent supervision underscores the fact that the Times story is an element. Board member Erskine Bowles, chairman of the Facebook Audit Committee, has been involved in an intervention and talks about how the company can become a means for Russian intervention.

Zuckerberg and Sandberg have taken action.

Facebook is without doubt the fault of Facebook. He agrees that the debt will be with him. "I designed the platform, so if someone shoots for it, it should be me," he told the recording this year.

Step by step as chairman helps him to accept his defeats, dragging a bone of unhappy shareholders and Facebook critics, and keeping control of his 40 billion dollars in Harvard Dormor's room.

This will also help you achieve the ultimate goal of improving Facebook.

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