Tuesday , January 31 2023

Zimbabwe's Esports Association Africa Esports Championship-In-Closer as Calling for Sponsorship


This August will host Kenya's first African Esport Championship. Many players from 27 countries come together in the tournament and will fight against him at the top of FIFA and TechCan.

Zimbabwe will participate and e-shops will call Zimbabwe sponsors who are ready to help their bid. E-Cities Zim has read in a Twitter statement:

Last year we announced that Zimbabwe would be one of the twenty Sevenan countries to participate in the Africa Associates Championship in 2019 and we will call all sponsors.

#AfricaEportsportsCampaignship is backed by a passionate and devoted personality in Africa, working hand in hand as friends and stakeholders for the Busing Assistance Industry in Africa.

We came in contact with Thomas Ferry, the founder of the Association and he said that the funds will be used for:

  1. Place recruitment – Use by participants and viewers during the Zimbabwe National Finals (ZNF).
  2. Generator and Fuel Recruitment – To use power failure.
  3. Console rentals – We are preparing to hire Playstation 4 Pro to simplify game performance and to complete the qualifiers.
  4. Remedy – We have different types of different parts of the country (Zimbabwe) Unbound object Areas related to different different and different different regions
  5. Branded apparel -Bags and swag we can also give to the winners, participants, and members of the audience.
  6. Plane ticket – Airplane ticket for Street Fighter player (Our main sponsor is planned for four representatives per country (Accomplishments, Flights, Food and Touring) so that the country's manager, coach, 1 FIFA player and 1 techno player. So we have a contractual agreement for the street fighter player. Fleet

If you are interested in helping in the Esports Association's efforts to participate in the championship, you can email him to Thomas: [email protected]

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